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Thursday, September 21, 2006


Interviews? Crazy, right? I have been interviewed twice recently! Once by Revolver for a sidebar about Die Die My Darling which will be included in their Halloween issue with the "Rebel Meets Rebel" piece where Brandan from Bleeding Through interviews Glenn Danzig (see my earlier blogs). The other can be seen right here. It's basically about how I entered artist management, my thoughts on a few topics, and that sort of thing. It's funny when the shoe is on the other foot!


the bear said...

good stuff man, very good

Anonymous said...

Ryan, I noticed that you listed yourself as a Christian and listed the Bible as your favorite book. However, I couldn't help but notice that a number of your bands use satanic imagry. Can you tell me something about your walk with christ and how it led you to this compromise. Do you think the Jesus Lord minds? I look forward to reading about your views and opinions on this subject. Sincerely yours in Christ.

Ryan J. Downey said...

Hey "I"... Your post is anonymous and I don't really like talking to anonymous people on the Internet. Also, I find it strange that you posted this comment on a post from September, 2006 in February, 2007? I am a Christian, I do enjoy the Bible, you are correct on those two points. However you are incorrect when you state that "a number of your bands use satanic imagery." Can you please be more specific (assuming that you will also discard your online anonymity?) I do not find that to be a factual statement whatsoever. Thanks! Take care.

Irine said...

I didn't know that it would make you so angry Ryan, and I just recently started reading your blog. Doesn't bleeding though use satanic imagry at times? If I'm wrong, would you work with a band that did?
Can you tell me about your spiritual path? Were you always a christian rocker?

Ryan J. Downey said...

It didn't make me angry, let alone "so angry," but definitely confused and a little taken aback. It's a pretty bold claim to make without any factual basis. Bleeding Through does not use satanic imagery. In fact, their drummer, Derek, is a Christian. I look at each band in my stable on a case by case basis. I would not work with any band whose sole purpose, or primary purpose, is the destruction of spiritual ideals, however, sharing all of my views 100% is absolutely NOT a requirement for doing business. Thanks for reading my blog and commenting! It's very appreciated. God Bless. Oh and to answer your other question, I have not been a Christian all of my life. My old band Burn It Down dealt with spiritual issues however I was not a Christian. We didn't swear (I know that matters to some Christians haha), I believed in God, and I believed in Jesus as Prophet, but my more firm faith in Christianity in general is more recent. Liberation Theology is a good reference point for where I stand, though it's a bit more nuanced...