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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Die Die My Darling Set Lists & Thank Yous...

Die Die My Darling just played our third show in three years with our third lineup. It was a blast! Thanks to all of our friends who came out -- Nils (Happy B-Day), J.D. (DownZig's bro), Nicole Schieppati, KellDogg, Candy S. and get ready for some sick name drops:

Dave & Ben from Throwdown, Marta, Leppke & Danough from Bleeding Through, Joel "The Falcon," Scraggs and Dave from The Dear & Departed, Keith Barney & Trevor Dark Baby from Eighteen Visions, Sean Durham & Erik Collins from Sinai Beach, Davey Havok from AFI, it ruled.

Yep, we have sweet friends.

Special thanks to Dave Peters for the sick guest vox on "Skulls." If you haven't heard Throwdown's cover of "London Dungeon" you should check out their MySpace page and rock it.

Here's a list of all the shows we've played thus far... You never know when, where or in what form we'll turn up nor what songs we'll be playing. And... Neither do we!

OCT. 31, 2003 -- first ever DDMD show
Venue: Showcase Theater, Corona, CA
Other Bands: Bleeding Through, Throwdown, Donnybrook

Ryan "DownZig" Downey (ex-Burn It Down) -- Vocals
Ken "K-Flo" Floyd (Eighteen Visions) -- Guitar/ Vocals
Mick "Mickdeth" Morris (Eighteen Visions) -- Bass
Alex "RoboAfro" (The Mistake) -- Drums

Set List (*not in order):
Last Caress, Where Eagles Dare, Angelfuck, Hybrid Moments, Teenagers from Mars, Mommy Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight?, 20 Eyes, Bullet, She, Skulls, Ghouls Night Out, London Dungeon, Halloween, Die Die My Darling

OCT. 30, 2005 -- second ever DDMD show
Venue: House Of Blues, Anaheim, CA
Other Bands: Sweet & Tender Hooligans (Moz tribute), The Curse (Cure tribute)

Ryan "DownZig" Downey -- Vocals
Brandan Schieppati (Bleeding Through) -- Guitar
Mick "Mickdeth" Morris -- Bass
Ken "K-Flo" Floyd -- Drums

Set List (*not in order):
Last Caress, Where Eagles Dare, Angelfuck, Teenagers from Mars, 20 Eyes, We Are 138, Bullet, Skulls, She, Ghouls Night Out, London Dungeon, Halloween, Die Die My Darling

JAN. 16, 2007 -- third ever DDMD show
Venue: Roc Bar, Costa Mesa, CA
Other Bands: None

Ryan "DownZig" Downey -- Vocals
Brandan Schieppati -- Guitar
Ryan "Wombat" Wombacher (Bleeding Through) -- Bass/ Vocals
Ken "K-Flo" Floyd -- Drums

Set List:
Last Caress, Bullet, Ghouls Night Out, Earth A.D., Skulls (with Throwdown's Dave Peters), Where Eagles Dare, 20 Eyes, She, Death Comes Ripping, Die Die My Darling

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