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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

OH, AXL...

NEAL: what are your thoughts on the GnR leak?

DOWNEY just a sec...
and where?

NEAL: http://hypem.com/list/2008
"Better" from Chinese Democracy
it's catchy, gay modern rock with a beefier Axl voice
with a bow chicka riff
worthy of the Chili Peppers
my mind is being blown
i am now the dude in the old Memorex ads
pinned to a recliner

DOWNEY: is it the whole album?

NEAL: just a single
dude, this shit is all over the place
it's your rocker uncle's idea of avant garde

DOWNEY: like "Oh My God" was?

NEAL: i guess
it's like, motherfucker, i waited 15 years for this?
POWs were treated better after returning from Vietnam

DOWNEY: hahahahahahahaha
this song is GAY

NEAL: yeah

DOWNEY: am I watching a teen drama on the WB?

NEAL: American Idol
Kelly Clarkson is about to do a drop

DOWNEY: is this a montage where the hero broods and thinks about the chick that died in the swimming pool?

NEAL: hahahahahaha
the cool chick be blew off
to be with the party girl

DOWNEY: is someone boxing a heavy bag in a barn?

NEAL: is someone diving off the Queen Mary and swimming with dolphins?

DOWNEY: shirtless, hands wrapped, rugged jeans
fucking robot dolphins
don't forget to say ROBOT in front of "dolphins"
whoa sweet fart noise keyboard breakdown

NEAL: hahahahaha

DOWNEY: robot moshing?

Neal: yeah

DOWNEY: it's like
he's the michael jackson of our generation
or elvis
just watching someone rad go totally fucking batshit

NEAL: "I like Magnetic Fields, Bootsy Collins, Kelly Clarkson, AC/DC, Buckethead, and sucking cock - what does that sound like?"

DOWNEY: what a formula
this SOUNDS like Dave Navarro, Bryan May and Shaq dropping by the studio to record guest appearances


DOWNEY: like... it SOUNDS like that and that all happened

NEAL: Shaq Fu, nucka

DOWNEY: a fucking "na na na" part???????

NEAL: hahahaha
yeah, it goes on and on
and manages to steadily get worse
oh, sweet, there is a recording of Prince at the Super Bowl on this site

DOWNEY: that ruled


Guav said...


the bear said...

1. this song is TERRIBLE.
2. "batshit", haha i love that

Derek Daniels said...

Axl...at least he is keeping Indiana proud!