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Friday, August 17, 2007

Text Message Exchange with Dave from Throwdown

Dave: Going to lunch in a few minutes. Want to hit me with a recap of yesterday?

Downey: Yeah I'm SLAMMED. I'd like to call you guys later in the day if I can.

Dave: Yeah that's fine man. Summer slam. Do your thing. Denny's Grand Slam Breakfast.

Downey: Slamdance.

Dave: Slam Of God.

Downey: Son Of Slam.

Dave: Kirk Slameron, star of Growing Pains. You Don't Have to be Blood to be Slamily.

Downey: Slammy Davis, Jr. Slamhain's Unholy Passion. The Dillinger Escape Slam.

Dave: Slamela Anderson.

Downey: The $6 Million Dollar Slam.

Dave: Later. I'm gonna watch AILD, featuring Tim Slambesis. Green Eggs and Slam.

Downey: Oh, AILD? They are on Metal Blade where their head of sales is named Slam Fitzgerald. Slam O' Mahoney.

Dave: Slam Margera.

Downey: wham slam thank you ma'am. My Treo freezes and I want to throw it in the trashslam. Put on sunblock at Warped Tour so as to avoid too much of a sunslam.

Dave: I hope we get an iPhone man. I don't want some shitty slammera phone.

Downey: Yeah otherwise it will seem like a slam.

Dave: Slamgela Gassow. Alright. Gotta hit catering. They're serving grilled cheese slamwiches and Slamson's Soda. I'm sick of this tour godslamit.

Downey: You win. I know when to throw up my slams and say, "hey slam, you're slamtastic at this."

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J. Upright said...

Hahahaha!! LOVE IT!!