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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Get Stoked Geeks!

First of all, there's this Dark Knight teaser poster.

Second, Ray Park (who played Darth Maul in Episode I and The Toad in the first X-Men movie) has been cast as Snake Eyes in the G.I. Joe movie. This follows reports that Sienna Miller will be playing The Baroness. I really hope this movie is good.

There's an extended clip from the new Judd Apatow/ Seth Rogen comedy The Pineapple Express now online. (*Edit: Sorry the link I had no longer works).

Variety reports that Christian Bale is in talks to play John Conner in the FOURTH Terminator. While that news is rad, what is not rad, is that Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins is going to be directed by McG (Charlie's Angels).

Maggie Q ("Live Free or Die Hard") is in talks to play Silver Fox in the Wolverine movie.

The trailer for the second Chronicles - What? - Of Narnia movie, Prince Caspian, is now online. Check it out HERE or try going HERE.

And finally, Samuel L. Jackson will appear as Col. Nick Fury in the Iron Man movie and there's a rumor that he may show up in Incredible Hulk as the same character as well, possibly setting up an Avengers movie, according to Ain't it Cool News. Personally I find that last bit hard to believe, as the movies are from different studios.

My friends who wrote X2: X-Men United told me once upon a time that they wanted to have a newspaper headline that read "Mutants Attack White House" in the Dardevil flick. Both of those movies were made by Fox and it STILL didn't happen. You may recall that Ben Urich didn't work at the Daily Bugle in Daredevil. That's because that property is part of the Spider-Man "universe" in movie world, which is controlled by Sony. When James Cameron was going to make Spider-Man with Leonardo DiCaprio, he wanted Kingpin as one of his villains, but that character had already been sold off as part of the Daredevil canon. Confusing, eh? Let's just get some crossovers already!

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