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Friday, December 07, 2007

Internet on Airplanes?

You mean cell phones and Internet connections won't make an airplane blow-up after all? Well, then again, this is Jet Blue, whose public image isn't exactly stellar right now. But anyways, kudos to them for trying out the 'net on their planes. In other news I found interesting this morning, former President William Jefferson Clinton is now telling people he's always been against the Iraq war - despite his support of it in the run-up to the war and during the first year of it - and both the New York Times and Washington Post are basically giving him a free pass. Speaking of the war I'm feeling some deja-vu as I'm now reading story after story about the new National Intelligence Estimate report that says Iran gave up their nuclear weapons program a few years ago. Oh and the CIA destroyed some videos showing interrogations. Thankfully, Bill O'Reilly is on hand to tell us about important news stories like the War on Christmas. I'd like to remind anyone who regularly reads this blog that I'm a Christian. That doesn't mean my priorities start and end with what a Wal-Mart greeter does or does not say to me when I walk in this month, or that I back blowhards like O'Lielly just straight making things up. Christian priorities should be clean water, food, shelter, AIDS, injustice of all kinds, families... Seriously, what would Jesus do?!

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Tom Bejgrowicz said...

It's always fantastic to hear someone of faith put the words and lessons of the Bible into the positive actions, not hateful ones.

Let's hope it catches on in the mainstream one day VERY soon! ;)