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Thursday, February 28, 2008

DUMBIN' Donuts

My better half and I always talk about how much the world is starting to resemble Mike Judge's brilliant and under-seen followup to "Office Space," the Luke Wilson comedy "Idiocracy" (which Fox ruined in a way reminiscent of how they mishandled "Office Space.") For example, that show on Fox (ironic?) where people answer questions like "Would you leave your husband if your ex-boyfriend wanted to get back together with you?" in front of their families, with the host checking their answers against a prior lie detector test and a loud voiceover announcing "TRUE" or "FALSE." She pointed out to me last night how much the new anti-Starbucks Dunkin' Donuts commercial seems straight out of "Idiocracy."

Check it out to see what I mean. Let the dumbing down of America continue! "Obama wears a turban! He raps along to Public Enemy when they talk about Farrakhan!" The commercial is probably the lowest common denominator commercial I have EVER seen (and that's saying something), portraying the common person as an absolute idiot (and expecting the viewer to identify with the idiots!) and mixing in some not-so-subtle xenophobia and a few swipes at the French (really? We're back on "freedom fries?") all in a few gloriously insipid and delightfully idiotic (!) seconds. To which I say this: "Aw! My Balls!"


THE BEAR said...

Man I BOUGHT that movie based solely on your suggestion, and we love it. This Dunkin' Donuts commercial really does look like it came straight out of the movie!!

Eric Grubbs said...

Lest we forget the new restart of American Gladiators.