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Friday, September 30, 2011

MTV: 'Secret Circle' Recap: 'Loner'

Horror movie folks should never say, "I'll be right back." And witches should never walk alone.

That's the big lesson from last night's episode of "The Secret Circle." Last week the six teen witches bound their powers together, which means they've got no mojo by themselves, but two or more together is super-magically delicious.

There's nothing like a stubbly stalker to drive a group of people together who have spent the entire afternoon trying to stay apart. Chance Harbor fisherman Zachary Larson arrives to terrorize the Circle, hunting them down one by one in abandoned houses and dark school hallways before they eventually unite to save themselves at the school dance.

The '80s slasher movie vibe of last night's episode was a treat and a great reminder of executive producer Kevin Williamson's involvement in the show. Before he created "Dawson's Creek," he was the mastermind behind "Scream." He wrote "I Know What You Did Last Summer," too, so he's no stranger to making a teenager-stalking fisherman scary.

Except this guy is more like, "I know what your parents did 15 years ago."

CLICK HERE to read the rest of my episode recap.

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