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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

AP: Noise On The Side 2008

Superhero is all over the new issue of Alternative Press!

• A full page profile on THE INNOCENT (Brandan from Bleeding Through's side-project with current and former members of Bad Religion, Angels & Airwaves, No Use For A Name, Suicidal Tendencies, Infectious Grooves and The Distillers).
• A full page feature on ZAO's landmark Where Blood and Fire Bring Rest album, part of "The Class Of '98: A Look Back At 10 Albums That Shaped The Punk Of Today" (Chamberlain's The Moon My Saddle is also on the list).
• A full page To Die For Clothing ad featuring Brandan from Bleeding Through
• A full page ad for the Bullet For My Valentine / Bleeding Through tour
• A full page ad for the Orange County LISKFEST featuring Bleeding Through
• An ad for the new War Of Ages album, Arise and Conquer

And in addition to that, I contributed to the cover story, "Noise On The Side 2008," writing about side-projects from members of bands like As I Lay Dying, Killswitch Engage, Darkest Hour and Isis (Austrian Death Machine, Burn Your Wishes, Man And Wasp and MGR, respectively).


Eric Grubbs said...

I first heard about Zao in AP in 1998, right around the time of Blood and Fire. It's not every day when you read about a metal/hardcore band where everyone left except the drummer and the band did not have a bass player at the time. I believe it was in the "Hardcore's Evolution" spread with Snapcase and Agnostic Front.

Ryan J. Downey said...

I contributed to that article! It was the second thing I ever wrote for AP. The month before I contributed a short piece on Coalesce!

Eric Grubbs said...

Oh yes, that article opened my mind up to hardcore in general. It was the first time I ever heard about the Get Up Kids as well.

David Agranoff said...

Chamberlame? What I don't see that.

Agnostic front and snapcase were involved in the evolution of hardcore but metalcore would never have gone as far as it did without Earth crisis. Vegan Power :)