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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My Top Albums Of 2008

Top Metal Albums Of 2008

01. Metallica, Death Magnetic
02. The Gates Of Slumber, Conqueror
03. Cynic, Traced in Air
04. Gojira, The Way of All Flesh
05. Bleeding Through, Declaration
06. Torche, Meanderthal
07. Testament, The Formation of Damnation
08. Opeth, Watershed
09. Enslaved, Vertebrae
10. Becoming The Archetype, Dichotomy

Top Non-Metal Albums Of 2008

01. Oasis, Dig Out Your Soul
02. Telecast, Quiet Revolution
03. The Verve, Forth
04. Coldplay, Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends
05. John Mellencamp, Life, Death, Love and Freedom
06. Portishead, Third
07. R.E.M., Accelerate
08. The Killers, Day & Age
09. Neil Diamond, Home Before Dark
10. Counting Crows, Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings

Best Re-Issue / Collections / Live

01. The Smiths, The Sound of the Smiths
02. Demon Hunter, 45 Days
03. George Michael, Twenty Five
04. Various Artists, The Best of Bond...
05. My Dying Bride, An Ode to Woe

Best EPs

01. Samothrace, Life's Trade
02. Living Sacrifice, Death Machine

Best TV Shows

01. Battlestar Galactica
02. Mad Men
03. Sons Of Anarchy
04. True Blood
05. The Daily Show with John Stewart
06. Countdown with Keith Olberman
07. Californication
08. Gossip Girl
09. Kitchen Nightmares
10. Prison Break

Movies (coming 2009).


The Bear said...

I agree with Testament, Gojira, etc in metal, I agree with the majority of your choices. However; Dexter is NOT in your top 10 shows of 2008. I'm sorry bro, that show blows everything else out of the water! Get into it man!!!!

Toad734 said...

Well, I agree with Battlestar and Mad Men but Counting Crows? Oasis? Metallica?