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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Desert Island Music

A few friends of mine and I like to email each other, when we find time (which is not nearly often enough), about all things music. As with many music fans, lists are often part of the equation. Recently, we put together our Top 10 Desert Island Songs. I decided that when I sent mine over, I'd include some interesting / related clips, as my friends on the email would be familiar with most of the tunes already. Enjoy.

*Interesting to note, as one friend did, that I would not be hearing Glenn's voice on a desert island. Who would have guessed? Ditto Liam & Noel Gallagher.

In No Particular Order:

Metallica "Master of Puppets" (8:38)

Definitive song from my favorite band of all time. With Cliff '86:

Megadeth "Holy Wars... The Punishment Due" (6:33)

Definitive song (alongside "Peace Sells..."), Rock In Rio '91:

Bad Brains "Soul Craft" (3:47)

Official music video. HR! DAMN!

Duran Duran "The Chaffeur" (5:23)

(Obviously) one of my favorite songs of all time and yet I had never seen the music video! It's SEXY. Apparently there's an uncensored version, but it's not available on YouTube: YouTube won't let me embed this one, so here's a link

a-ha "Scoundrel Days" (4:03)

Title track from their second album. Live (no idea what singer Morten Harket thinks he's wearing) --

Morrissey "I'm OK By Myself" (4:48)

BBC Performance

Candlemass "Samarithan" (5:30)

Live in 1990:

Metallica "The Outlaw Torn" (9:49)

Live from this year. A much overlooked gem from the Load era. Yes, a desert island song for me.

Depeche Mode "Waiting for the Night" (6:07)

Dave & Martin singing together! From this year, shot in HD:

Depeche Mode "Enjoy the Silence" (6:13)

Like you haven't seen this video. Instead, I bring you:

Martin Gore singing it, live:

Failure doing it, live and acoustic:

HIM doing it, also live (sounds more like Type O than ever):

Tori Amos version (live):

Keane version:

Lacuna Coil version:

There are other versions, but they are mostly awful.

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ben said...

what about the It Dies Today cover?